House rules

By purchasing a ticket and entering the festival area visitors automatically accept the House Rules and General Terms and Conditions applicable to the event.


The festival will open its gates on Wednesday, 19 July, 2023 at 2:00 PM and close on Sunday, 23 July at 11:00 AM. Guests must leave the festival area by then. The daily ticket is valid until 11:00 AM to the next day. Guests arriving after midnight can purchase a ticket for the previous day, and tickets for the current day are sold from 6:00 AM. Entry is free for children under 12 years. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


Entry to the festival is subject to valid identification documents according to the law, primarily a personal ID card. In the absence of an ID card a driver's license or passport may be used. In these cases, the admission process may take longer. Those who do not have an official identification document (ID card, passport, driver's license) at the time of entry consent to the recording and processing of their data and image during the wristband putting on, in accordance with the relevant regulations. The festival's data protection policy is available on the festival's website (


Tickets purchased in advance must be exchanged for a wristband on-site, which is non- transferable. Everyone entering the festival area must wear a wristband. The integrity of wristbands will be continuously checked by staff inside the festival area. Damaged or lost wristbands cannot be replaced. The wristbands are equipped with anti-counterfeiting measures, including UV ink. Damaged or altered wristbands will be considered invalid.
Visitors under 14 years old receive a special wristband on which the name and contact information of their adult companion must be written.


Visitors are allowed to bring a non-commercial quantity of food and mineral water (up to 2 unopened 1.5-liter bottles per person, except during heatwave alerts ordered by authorities) and their own empty water bottles. It is prohibited to bring objects that endanger the physical integrity of others or pose a threat to public safety, including fireworks, rockets, any kind of pyrotechnic devices, striking or cutting tools, weapons, glass objects, and alcoholic beverages. The possession and consumption of controlled substances classified as drugs are illegal in Hungary. Engaging in commercial or promotional activities, including distributing flyers, publications or products without written permission from the organizers is prohibited on the festival grounds. Animals and pets are not allowed on the festival area without explicit permission from the organizers, with the exception of assistance, guide, and police dogs as defined by the law.


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program. While the aim is to fully implement the announced program unforeseen circumstances may lead to cancellations or schedule changes of performers or other program elements. In such cases ticket refunds are not possible, as the ticket is valid for the entire festival, not only for individual programs. The event will be held even in case of bad weather.


The festival sites have limited capacity. In accordance with safety regulations once the maximum capacity is reached the organizers - in coordination with the security service - may restrict entry to the specific event areas.


The aim of the event is to provide a cultured and undisturbed recreational and entertainment experience for everyone. Visitors must behave in accordance with general norms and refrain from any behavior that may jeopardize or violate the lives, physical well- being or personal rights of others. Visitors must take extra care to preserve natural values and avoid littering. Lighting fires is strictly prohibited on the festival grounds.


Audio and video recordings will be made at the event. Participants appearing in the recordings can only be identified with their consent but cannot make any claims against the organizers, the recording crew or legitimate users of the recordings. Professional photography, videography and drone recordings can only be conducted with prior written permission from the organizers.


Commercial and catering facilities operating within the festival area are prohibited from serving alcoholic beverages to children under 18 years old or to intoxicated persons in accordance with the law. The festival operates a cashless payment system and a deposit cup system. The price of the festival cup is 500 HUF. The cup is non-refundable but can be exchanged for a new cup or tokens when purchasing drinks. Cup Revolution tokens from other sources are accepted at the festival.


The festival provides continuous 24/7 medical and emergency services, including a resting tent with professionals. Daily hygiene can be maintained in the shower facilities located in the festival camping area.


An information point operates within the festival area and it is available to visitors during opening hours. Lost items can be submitted or inquiries about lost items can be made at this location. For further requests or questions the Organizer provides information at


The immediate vicinity of the event has limited parking spaces, so it is advisable to use public transportation or bicycles to reach the festival. Entry to the festival area with bicycles is not allowed without prior permission from the organizers, but a large capacity free bicycle storage is available near the entrance. Increased police checks can be expected in Nagyerdő and the surrounding streets during the Campus Festival. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances is prohibited according to current legislation.


The Organizer disclaims any responsibility for accidents occurring outside the festival area. The liability of the Organizer within the festival area is governed by the law and the General Terms and Conditions.


Please take care of yourself and each other!